Jul 29, 2012 8:56 PM

Gun training enrollment up after Aurora shooting

TUCSON-After the tragedy in Colorado, some people rushed to enroll in firearms training.

A local company has seen enrollment up 15 percent since the Aurora shooting, but have seen some students cancel as well.

Victor Sanders has grown up around guns.

His wife not so much, and she said since seeing the images of the Aurora shootings, she doesn't even want to touch one.

"Just the pure act of even holding a gun at this point I couldn't even imagine it," said Justyna Sanders.

The Sanders had enrolled in Desert Tactical Training Academy for fun.

They said they just wanted to learn the basics of how to shoot a gun, but after seeing the Aurora shooting images, decided to cancel.

"It's horrible. It's absolutely horrible. It's like a moment of darkness. You're in shock and I can't believe those people were actually there and that that could happen," said the couple.

They said they don't think they could enjoy shooting a gun at least not for a while.

"Just out of pure respect for the families and the people in Aurora, Colorado," said Justyna.

Firearms instructor Richard Dougall said he respects their decision but insists this is the best time to get gun training.

He said if you get the right training, it could be a valuable tool.

Dougall said if there were several people the night of the Aurora shooting with concealed weapons and proper training, things could have been less deadly.

"When the shooting started, they could have eliminated the threat pretty quickly before a lot of people got hurt," said Dougall.

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