Jun 12, 2013 3:02 PM by KTLA

Gun-toting granny runs off intruder

ORANGE COUNTY, CA (KTLA-TV) - A would-be burglar got more than he bargained for after allegedly trying to break into the home of an elderly couple in Orange County, California.

No as soon as the door began, I had already decided, if he opens the door, then I have to stop him," she said.

Jan Cooper means business when it comes to protecting her home. Late Saturday night, a criminal attempted to break into her house. Jan's Rottweiler was barking ferociously, sounding the alarm.

Back up you son of ab----h!

The 911 call proves Jan wasn't playing around. After the suspect failed at breaking in through the front door, he jumped the fence and headed for the sliding glass door that was unlocked.

When the door began opening, that's when I fired, you can see the hole.

She fired one shot, just barely missing her target.

"I was off my mark,"

Perhaps, but the shot was enough to scare off the suspect, who ended up -- Jan says-- begging for his life.

"I'm sorry ma'am, I'm sorry, I'm leaving, don't shoot," the suspect said.

Jan quickly called 911 and Orange County Sheriff's deputies responded immediately. Right after the incident, deputies arrested this man: 31 year old Brandon Perez.

He's currently on parole for burglary, so he did have recent arrests for both burglary and narcotic violations.
Mr. Perez, you have no idea how lucky you were to be able to walk away from my house.

Cooper says she was determined to protect herself and her husband, a disabled World War ii veteran who uses a

Orange county sheriff's officials say she did everything by the book, she had the gun registered and she had every right to use the gun to protect herself.

Still, the 72-year-old says she hopes she'll never have to do that again.


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