Jul 2, 2014 2:06 AM by Sean Mooney

Guatemalan First Lady in Tucson

TUCSON - The immigration crisis is growing as undocumented immigrants continue to flood across America's southern border. As the country struggles to stem the flow some countries, like Honduras have sent dignitaries, to the U.S., for a first-hand look.

Tuesday night, the Guatemalan First Lady, Rosa Leal de Perez, arrived in Tucson.

She arrived with a surprisingly small entourage and was greeted by members of the Tucson City Council Members, Steve Kozachik and Paul Cunningham. After a brief presentation she explained why she made the trip.

"Not only am I hear not only as a first lady but as a mother, as a grandmother. I'm here to see the children, we are very moved by what is going on here and we came to see first hand and support the children that are leaving our country."

The Guatemalan First Lady said that her country is deeply concerned about those leaving and are doing what they can to stop it. "Guatemala is currently the only country that has efforts underway to mitigate the problem with children leaving; it is a big concern to the government is now taking measures to address the situation".

While Rosa Leal de Perez is clearly concerned about the children on their own here, Tucson City Councilman, Steve Kozachik, said he hopes Guatemala's First Lady understands the problem goes far beyond that.

"I'm not real interested in the showmanship of the trips, although I am very grateful they are here and they are showing an interest", Kozachik said, "We need to see some tangible outcome from this trip to alleviate the stress these families are going through"

After the First Lady of Guatemala left the airport, on Tuesday, she went to have a private dinner with Bishop Gerald Kicanas. Wednesday she is scheduled to visit the Border Patrol's Tucson sector, then on to Nogales to get an up close look the detention center there. Rosa Leal de Perez is scheduled to return to Guatemala on Friday.


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