Oct 27, 2012 9:13 PM by Erika Flores

Group rallies against pit bulls while shelter struggles to get them adopted

TUCSON-Pit bulls have gotten a bad rap because of some attack incidents.

Supporters said the attention is giving the breed a bad name.

Some dog attack victims held a walk Saturday to educate others about reducing dog attacks.

It comes on "National Pit Bull Awareness" day.

Those we spoke to said they were attacked by pit bulls and are still recovering emotionally.

"Sometimes I find myself just crying in tears," said Jennifer Amdor.

Amdor said her neighbor's pit bull ripped off her face just months ago.

"Completely torn off... I'm not really sure how it happened, but at some time the dog let go because I had some skin that I could put back on," said Amdor.

Not only was her face severely scarred, but her inner sense of peace as well.

"I see pictures of myself before this and sometimes get a little choked up because this is getting used to a whole new way to look," said Amdor. "I still have a little bit of a trauma response. I get startled very easily."

This group's goal is to raise awareness about "dangerous dogs."

"Give people a chance to hear from people who have experienced these attacks and what has happened to them afterwards," said Collen Lynn, another victim of a dog attack.

Rose Welever, with The Animal League of Green Valley said not all pit bulls are dangerous dogs.

"People see them as big and scary and fighting dogs, and in fact people make them that way and because of their loyalty and their eagerness to please people that they make such good fighting dogs. They want to please," she said.

At this no-kill shelter, there are plenty of pit bulls.

The shelter's president told us they're the last to be adopted because of their reputation.

"People think that they're not good pets and that they're dangerous, but as you can see here today, ours are so peaceful and so loving and very beloved by their handlers," said Jean Davis, the shelter's president.

They hope people will give this breed a chance so that these dogs could find a forever home.

But the victims hope anyone giving these breeds a chance will use extra caution.

"If you're going to have a vicious dog, you're going to have to be a very smart owner," said Amdor.


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