Aug 25, 2012 7:55 PM by Erika Flores

Group comes together to maintain Catalina Regional Park

CATALINA, Ariz.-Dozens of volunteers joined forces to cleanup Catalina Regional Park Saturday.

They were trimming trees, pulling weeds, beautifying the park little by little.
"It's really sad to see all this land go to waste," said volunteer Michelle Gruey.

Overgrown trees and weeds are overtaking the park.

"I just don't want this place to be all overgrown and everything. I want it to look like a nice park," said thirteen-year-old Jason Tinglehoff.

Gruey said she would like to see the county return more funds to the park.

"It's just important to have resources for the kids," said Gruey.

Voters past a bond to develop the park several years ago, but after state budget transfers, the county was left without operational funding.

"The bond monies are still available. What we need to do is go back and finish the planning of those facilities at that property and once we do that, reallocate those funds towards that park's development," said Rafael Payan, director of Pima Co. Natural Resources Parks and Recreation.

The bond money will go toward developing the park for trailheads and a river park system, but that can't be done until the county has enough funds to cover maintenance and staffing.

"We don't want to build something that we can't maintain," said Payan.

These volunteers said it's a pity that voters have to wait and see the bond money put to good use, but meanwhile, they hope more people will come together with them to help maintain this land.

To see when they will meet again for another cleanup check their webpage.

You can also click here: www.friendsofcatalinaregionalpark.org


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