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Jun 11, 2010 7:30 AM

Grijalva holds hearings on SB 1070

WASHINGTON, DC - Southern Arizona congressman, Raul Grijalva co-hosted a panel to hear, what he says, is testimony on how S-B-1070 might be destroying public confidence. The congressional panel heard from women and children worried about what will happen when the law takes effect next month.

Grijalva says "The law has not yet gone into effect here and yet the impact is being felt."

Some of those who are feeling the impact were called as witnesses. The youngest, a 9 year old whose parents were arrested by Maricopa county deputies during in a workplace raid. It occurred before the Governor signed SB 1070.

Catherine Figueroa says "Our parents come here for a better life for and their children.

Silvia Rodriguez and her family came here legally with visas when she was 2 years old. They remained after the visas expired. Her family left because of the raids in Maricopa County. She stayed and graduated from Arizona State University with two degrees she'll be attending Harvard in the fall.

"It's ironic the most prestigious university in the world has invited me in and has welcomed me and has stated they believe I'm worthy and of value to society yet the state that I call home criminalizes me."

Alma Mendoza fears S-B 1070 will discourage women from reporting crimes like domestic violence to police. They pleaded with congressional representatives to ask the President to help them.


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