Jul 6, 2012 6:03 PM

Golden algea causes fish deaths in Arizona river

PHOENIX (AP) - Authorities say Golden algea is to blame for the deaths of thousands of fish in a 20-mile stretch of the Salt River.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department says it began receiving reports of dead fish Thursday.

A team of fisheries biologists gathered water samples Friday and examined the fish to figure out the cause of death. High levels of Golden algea was found.

Biologists say the algea produces a toxin that impacts the gills of fish and causes them to suffocate.

They say Golden algea has been identified in more than 20 lakes statewide since 2003.

It's not believed the alga problem will extend into Roosevelt Lake in the near future.

Game and Fish will continue to monitor waterways along the Salt River including Apache, Canyon and Saguaro lakes.


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