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Sep 8, 2012 2:11 AM by Associated Press

Gloomy jobs report shadows race with 60 days left

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP) - A gloomy jobs report has become the focus of the presidential campaign.

The Labor Department reports that employers added 96,000 jobs last month and the nation's unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent, but 368,000 people gave up looking for work.

Those figures prompted Mitt Romney to accuse President Barack Obama of failing to live up to his campaign promises about jobs. At a rally in Nashua, N.H., the Republican presidential candidate said rather than creating jobs, Obama has presided over an economy with an unemployment rate above 8 percent for 43 months.

The president also made appearances in New Hampshire Friday, where he acknowledged the current rate of growth is "not good enough" but also noted that employers have added jobs for 30 straight months now. Obama also derided Romney approach to the economy, accusing the Republican presidential candidate of pushing tax cuts as a cure-all.

The president is in Florida, where he will spend most of the weekend campaigning. Romney has appearances scheduled in Virginia.


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