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Feb 22, 2013 8:11 AM

Gilbert police looking for suspect in fraud case

GILBERT, Ariz. (AP) - Police in Gilbert say they're searching for a woman who's allegedly soliciting money for fraudulent causes.

They say 25-year-old Katrina Glock was seen going door-to-door Wednesday asking for money from residents in one neighborhood.

Victims say Glock has claimed at various times to be a high school student, the daughter of a police chief, and the daughter of a retired sheriff.

Police say Glock tells victims she's trying to raise money for her high school softball team to attend a tournament in Hawaii.

She also allegedy asks people to buy magazine subscriptions for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Police say Glock has no relationship with the project or any Gilbert high school.

They are warning residents to be cautious and contact police if they have details on Glock's whereabouts.


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