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Oct 31, 2009 4:15 AM

A spooky tale of a haunted Sierra Vista bar

One of the oldest building in Sierra Vista has been a post office, a bus station, and even a brothel. Some say this ancient building is being visited by those from beyond the grave. Watch the video and see if you agree.

"You definitely get a heebee geebies feeling, you know the hair on the back of your neck raises up," says a bartender at Veteran of Foreign Wars post in Sierra Vista.

"Everybody had warned me about the ghost," she says. "I keep somebody around when I close up."

"I had decidedly to call last call around 10:45," she says describing the time when she first ran into 'Max'. "Keep in mind I had turned this brand new juke box off like 30 minutes prior. All of a sudden the jukebox turns on, full blast, nothing but static."

"I was freaked out. I called the next morning and talked to [my boss] and she told me 'you met Max'," she says.

A group called the West Coast Ghost and Paranormal Society, or GAPS, went in to investigate to see if there was any credibility to this 'Max' fellow.

GAPS is a group of people from all different aspects of life, who volunteer their time to go to businesses and homes to try and find answers to unexplained activity. Their purpose is to first debunk anything mysterious to find a reasonable explanation. If they can't find a logical explanation, then they are left with something that may be considered paranormal.

Max was a former patron of the bar who passed away. He had a favorite seat at the end of the bar, and many say they get a funny feeling when they sit there or get near his seat. Bartenders also attribute other strange happenings to Max, like the jukebox going on and off on its own, doors opening and closing, and mugs swinging behind the bar.

Other incidences include people being seen in the men's restroom who have fallen down, but when a bartender goes in to help them, there is no one there.

GAPS conducted a thorough overnight investigation of the bar using infra-red cameras, computers, voice recorders and EMF detectors.

They did pick up a shadowy figure on video ducking down in the bar area. On audio, they heard cabinets opening and closing in the men's bathroom, when no one was in there. Watch the video the left, and see if you think it's Max.

GAPS does not charge for their investigations. If you would like to contact GAPS, you can find them at their website, at


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