Sep 18, 2013 10:03 PM by Sean Mooney

Full speed ahead for "indirect left" at Oracle and Ina

TUCSON - The re-designed intersection at Oracle and Ina may not be quite finished but drivers are already finding out how the new changes are effecting traffic flow in the area. "Indirect left" turns opened two weeks ago at the intersection.

Similar changes are coming soon at the intersection at Grant and Oracle. All part of a $2.1 billion, twenty year regional transportation project.

If you travel east or west on Ina and want to make a left at the intersection, you must now travel through the light, to another light and make a U-turn, head back to the intersection and then make a right. While it may sound confusing and time consuming, according to the Pima County Department of Transportation the "indirect left" actually saves you time.

On average about two minutes for each of the 96,000 motorists that travel through the Ina and Oracle intersection every day. That crossing is the third busiest in the city and with such a high volume it had some of the worst traffic problems with back ups and crashes.

Pima County Department of Transportation Project Manager, Bob Roggenthen, says the changes that have been made are no accident, "These type of intersections are scattered throughout the United States", Roggenthen said, " We watch those, we look at them, we investigate them, and we find out what they are doing for the community and we implement these type of intersections to get our traffic moving a little bit faster."

Sue McDonnnell, frequently drives through the area and is still not convinced the "indirect left" is the right way to go, "I don't think it is going to save people much time, it looks like it is going to be way more complicated", McDonnell said,, "I am just going to use Orange grove from now on."

Bob Roggenthen says paving and striping will be finished on Friday and construction at the intersection is expected to be completely done on Tuesday, October 8th.


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