Jun 25, 2013 2:03 PM by John Overall

Frankie's Philly Cheese Steaks loses rights to sell authentic Tastykakes

TUCSON - A mega merger on the corporate level is costing a Tucson sandwich shop big money.

Frankie Santos, the owner of Frankie's South Philly Cheese Steaks on Campbell Road, can longer sell Tastykake snacks.

"Here at Frankie's we sell between 1500-2000 packages every single month," Frankie said.

After a corporate merger, the parent company of Tastykakes gave exclusive west coast rights to another company.

Frankie estimates he's losing $2,000 a month. "It's driving me crazy," said Frankie.

There are Tastykake knockoffs but Frankie refuses to peddle counterfeit cakes because his customers demand the real deal. "I have people every single day and that's what they tell me, Frankie there's only this stuff from Fry's we can't eat that. We didn't grow up with that." Frankie said.

Frankie and his wife are encouraging their customers to go on the Tastykake Facebook page and petition to bring their sweet treats back to Frankie's.


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