Sep 19, 2013 7:59 PM by Lupita Murillo

Fourth Avenue patrons react to businesses who allow firearms

TUCSON - Some business along Fourth Avenue have signs posted at the front door, they don't allow firearms. Arizona is an open carry state and in fact, you can also carry a concealed weapon without a license.

"Plush" is at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Sixth Street. A sign is posted at the door. The popular bar has been in business for 13 years. The manager, Randy Lopez says it's their choice, just as they don't allow people to walk in without shirts . "It's sort of a house rule we have. If we don't want weapons we have to post a sign." Lopez says, alcohol and guns don't mix. "It seems like the most foolish place to carry a weapon. Tempers when you're drunk can get very hot really quick. " Vanessa Calles agrees, "Yeah I would say that especially in an establishment with alcohol they (guns) shouldn't be allowed."

Across the street from Plush, is the Chocolate Iguana. The owners tell News 4 they don't have any issues with their customers bringing in firearms.

The Espresso bar, sweet shop, and café has been in business over 20 years. Marci and Darrel Conklin are the owners. " We do have a lot of customers that do carry weapons. Perfectly comfortable with it. We don't have a problem with a law abiding citizen carrying a weapon."

Kathleen Byrne's says she doesn't have a problem going into a business allowing weapons. "I grew up in Arizona I've grown up with people who've own guns and what not, I don't like the fact they can be concealed that I don't agree with."

Ben Cutcliff says, "We all have the right to bear arms but there's a certain amount of protection that needs to be accommodating to the patron."


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