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Aug 5, 2013 7:50 PM by Brian White

Former TPD officer pleads guilty to child porn charges

TUCSON-A former Tucson police officer today pleading guilty to child pornography.

29-year old Martin Ward appeared in court and is facing up to 15 years in prison. In march Tucson police detectives served a search warrant on his parent's east side home.

They found evidence of child porn. Ward fled Tucson, but was arrested by U-S Marshals in Prescott. He was later indicted on 15 charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. A class two felony, considered a dangerous crime against children.
Ward told Judge Eikleberry, he realized if he went to trial and was convicted he would be getting a stiffer sentence. That's why he agreed to plea deal.

Ward told the judge, "I retain my innocence but in lieu of serving 400 years in prison when that benefits no one, and it would just not make any sense because how can I support my children from prison."

Judge Eikleberry asked him several times if he understood what he had signed and had he talked it over with his attorney. Ward said yes, " I will accept pleading guilty and as a matter of fact I am guilty and I so accept this plea of pleading guilty."

The former cop, admitted to several charges of sexual exploitation of a minor. Martin Ward will be sentenced on September 3rd.



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