Sep 6, 2012 12:15 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Former bookkeeper, client and owner of Rathbun Realty talk with News 4

TUCSON - A local property management firm was told Tuesday by state officials to halt its operations.

Owners at Rathbun Realty call it a misunderstanding.

All sides are talking, including the bookkeeper at the center of the case.

News 4 has been told by the Department of Real Estate that they've ordered Rathbun Realty to stop operation.

Not so, according to the company, which is keeping its doors open.

Bette Rathbun Glover says, "the cease and desist order was not what we thought it was. It was basically, you've got to get into compliance so we're working to do that right now."

Bette says she and her husband George are cooperating with police and the FBI, trying to sort out where $1.8 million dollars went, who took it and how to get it back.

State records show George Glover has pointed the finger at former book keeper Cassandra Arnold.

"All I can really tell you is that absolutely I never embezzled one cent from Rathbun Realty," says Arnold.

We asked Bette about her husband's claims. "We're not going to talk about that, okay?".

Bette says the FBI has asked her not to talk about it. Difficult, considering Rathbun clients want answers.

Mark McArthur is a former client. Rathbun had not yet rented McArther's house out, but he had given them $1,100 for repairs.

"I don't expect to see that money ever again," says McArthur.

What's Bette's message to concerned renters and clients?

"They really don't have a real concern here. They just need to keep paying their rent," said Bette.

Bette says while the investigation continues, it's possible that an alternate real estate company will temporarily take over management.


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