Aug 8, 2012 8:24 PM

Foothills residents wary of trash bin theft

TUCSON - Residents of the foothills are using caution as word of a series of thefts involving trash bins quickly spreads.

Several residents near the Shadow Hills neighborhood in Tucson reported that their Waste Management trash bins were stolen.

Resident Adam Eichelberger says that it has him rethinking what time of day he takes the trash bins to the street.

"A lot of neighbors have been reporting that people have been grabbing their entire trash bins and taking them in the early hours," Eichelbergers said. "People are suspecting that it has to do something with identity theft."

He says most people in the area take their trash out the night before, leaving it on the curbside overnight.

Tome Peine of the Pima County Sheriff's Department says there has only been one official report of a trash bin theft in that area within the last three weeks. However, he says situations like this should be taken seriously.

"This is an issue of concern because often time these are related to possible identity theft," Peine said.

He stressed the importance of others affected to step up and report it to the department.

"Please go ahead and report it because we can only help out with situations that we're aware about," Peine said.


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