Dec 26, 2012 8:18 PM by Sean Mooney

Food bank starving for cash donations

TUCSON - The organization known for feeding thousands of families each and every day is in a major crisis. Cash donations are way down at the Community Food Bank of Tucson and they are reaching out to the community for help.

Monetary donations were down $400,000 through November of this year. That shortfall directly impacted the food bank's ability to operate this December and will have a domino effect in the coming months.

This at a time when food prices and operating costs are rising and the demand for more food boxes is up by 10%. Rey Gonzales is a regular visitor to the food bank and appreciates the help he gets to make ends meet, "A lot of people are in bad shape, like we all are. But we ought to be thankful for what we get, I know I am and my wife is too."

Some major contributors have stepped up, but according to the Cio Castillo, of the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, for that to add up to big money they need the community to join them in their drive for cash, "The Jim Click Family Foundation and the Peeble family teamed up to do the this holiday match for the total of $50,000. and right now if you go on line to, www.communityfoodbank.org, they will match it dollar for dollar, and that also ends December 31st."

While the food bank welcomes food donations, Cio Castillo says no organization is better at stretching a buck,"For every dollar that you give to us, we can turn that into almost $9.00 worth of food that goes back out in to the community."

The community food bank is also collecting food and cash donations at the Winterhaven Festival of Lights, which runs through this Saturday. All donations are tax deductible.

For more information on how you can help call 520-882-3296.


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