Sep 28, 2012 9:35 PM by Erika Flores

Flu season almost here

TUCSON-Flu season is unpredictable but it can start as soon as October, so medical professionals are recommending everyone get vaccinated.

There are plenty of locations offering the shot even grocery stores.

Since last year there's been nearly four thousand cases reported to the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Jackie Martinez said she never wanted to get vaccinated until now.

It's not because she's afraid of needles she has several tattoos.

She said she's just afraid of getting sick.

It's a common misconception.

Jackie said she had never been vaccinated because she thought it would give her the flu, but she was lead to the vaccination table where she got her facts straight and was persuaded to give it a try.

"That's not possible. We use a dead virus years and years ago they used to use a live virus and people did probably get part of the flu then but it's been many years since we've done that," said Sharon Leslee an RN.

Once you get the shot it will take two weeks to take effect.

You can get a vaccine at doctor's offices, clinics, health departments, pharmacies, and college health centers.


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