May 14, 2014 1:27 AM by Sean Mooney

First responders prepare for the worst with Modern Streetcar

TUCSON - With the debut of Sunlink's Modern Streetcar just months away, testing is getting more intense.

On Tuesday, Tucson Police and Fire, prepared for the worst with emergency training all day long.

A passenger with a bomb, hostages taken, a collision involving flammable materials, all possible emergencies first responders have to be prepared for as the modern streetcar line is readied for the rails.

Calling it Planned Emergency Training, the city's first responders reacted to various situations. Earlier in the day Tucson Fire and hazmat crews faced a collision involving spilled gasoline.
In the evening, TPD and the swat teams dealt with hostages being taken. Another drill featured a bomb on-board one of the cars.

The drills are required by the Federal Transit Association but TPD Assistant Chief, Brett Klein, says the training is very necessary, "It gives up the opportunity to come out and practice public safety exercises, both fire and rescue to police situations, to be able to respond and become familiar with all of the different operations with the new Sunlink transportation system."

TPD officials said here may be more of Planned Emergency Training in the coming weeks, all part of getting ready for the streetcar's launch July 25th.

Photo Courtesy: Tucson Fire Dept.


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