Jul 13, 2012 7:34 PM

First-Rate, Second-Hand Craft Project Ideas

TUCSON - Making things and being creative is so much more fun when you don't have to spend a lot of money on supplies. Thrift stores are great places to find materials to make gifts or pretty display pieces.

Today on News 4 Tucson at 4 p.m., Jenni Pagano from First-Rate Second-Hand Thift Store stopped by with some ideas for first-rate, second-hand craft projects.

Here's the information from her segment with Allison:

"Today I want to show you how to re-use some of the most often found items in our store...books and glassware," she said.

How to decoupage glass plates
What you need

• Glass plates/bowls -- Look for not-too scratched ones.

• Glasses or bowls for pedestals if desired.

• Paper with image. Books/maps from traveling/vintage papers/sheet music/ sewing patterns/crossword puzzles/kid's books/textbooks/wrapping paper/laser or photocopy of any of the above. (Ink jet images will smear when wet.) Thin, uncoated paper works best.

• Decoupage medium: make your own by mixing glue with water ½ and ½ ratio.(Elmer's Glues-All is more permanent than regular white school glue) or Mod Podge can be purchased in many different formulas

• Polyurethane if desired

• Sponge brush/make up sponge/piece of kitchen sponge to apply decoupage medium/glue mix

• Nail polish remover to clean up dried glue

• Rags for clean up

• Pencil

• Scissors/craft knife & cutting mat

• E6000 glue for attaching bases to plates (my favorite. Fills gaps, really sticks. Try silicone based glues, NOT super glue)

• Something to cover your work surface

Step by Step

1. Lay your glass over many image options till you find one that is framed well and that pleases you.

2. Trace around edge with a pencil or use something of similar size to trace around. It's fun to search through plastic lids to find the right size!

3. Cut out with scissors. Doesn't have to be perfect...but not sloppy either.

4. Clean the glass well: you don't want fingerprints in between your image and the glass!

5. If glass surface is not flat, soak cut out paper in a container of water for a few seconds. Helps the paper "relax" and not curl.

6. Apply a thin layer of glue mix to underside of glass

7. Smooth cut out paper over gluey glass.

8. Smooth out air bubbles

9. If surface is very curved, make "sun ray" cuts from edge of paper towards center of image. Overlap paper slightly to help fit paper to glass

10. Apply a thin layer of glue mix over paper.

11. Let dry

12. Apply another thin layer of glue mix and let dry

13. Apply one more layer and let dry

14. Want to really seal it good? Apply a thin layer of polyurethane to paper by dipping a small rag into the poly smoothing over paper. Let dry. (Gives a nice smooth finish!) Make sure you have sealed with glue mix well enough first, or you may get polyurethane soaking into the paper and changing the look of it.

15. If making pedestals, clean glasses before gluing to underside with E6000 adhesive and let cure 24 hours before moving.

16. Clean up any dried decoupage medium with nail polish remover

17. Celebrate! You made something unique in the world! Please handwash, and do not soak in water unless you want to start all over!

Get creative and decoupage everything you see. Try applying fabric to shoes, paper to beads, mementos to furniture. Give as gifts, store things in special bowls, use for birthday celebrations, parties, wedding centerpieces or for breakfast every morning.

Troubleshooting ideas

First of all, don't worry about it too much. It really doesn't have to be perfect, unless your name is Martha...but here are some ideas.

Yikes, the paper is bunching up when I try to smooth it over a curve!

• Cut "sun rays" in paper (From near-ish the center of the circle, out to the edge) to help smooth paper over a curved surface. Overlap the cut areas till it fits, and smooth the points as best you can.
Oops! The edges of the paper are hanging over the glass edge!
• Wait till it dries, then use either a scissors or a craft knife and cutting mat to trim the edge

• Still a little rough? Use a nail file to smooth the edge of the paper before sealing with last coat of polyurethane or decoupage medium. Try not to sand the bare glass too much.
Oh no! The back of the piece is kind of ugly.
• Paint with acrylic paint or add a pretty layer of decoupage to the underside.
• Think about this too if you want to put your paper layer on the outside of a glass or hurricane...you might want to disguise the back side of the paper with a layer of colored tissue behind the pretty image which you will see when you look through the glass.


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