Sep 26, 2012 12:06 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Film incentive bill

TUCSON - Film workers are hoping a proposed tax incentive will bring more jobs to Arizona.

Paul Stapleton-Smith mostly makes his living working on film and television projects.

"I think the chances of this multi-media jobs bill getting through the legislature is looking very, very good," Stapleton-Smith said.

He has said that before. A bill failed to make it through in the last session.

"We've had more time to actually explore it with the legislators," Stapleton-Smith said, "so they understand more fulsomely."

Michael Melamedoff premiered his film "The Exhibitionists" at the Underground Film Festival in Tucson Saturday.

"If there isn't an incentive available," Melamedoff said, "it's just too difficult in this economy, frankly, to get a feature film off the ground in this climate."

Melamedoff works mostly in New York because of government incentives. He said he likes Tucson though.

"It's impossible for me actually to bring a film crew here," he said. "I would love to be shooting in Arizona, but to make that happen, an incentive has to be available."

"The Exhibitionists" cost about $75,000 to make and employed about 3 dozen people.

The Underground Film Festival will continue every night through September 29, mostly at the Screening Room in Downtown Tucson.


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