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May 14, 2012 9:44 PM

Fight to change marijuana classification

TUCSON - Two years after a law was passed legalizing medical marijuana, many people are supporting the growing fight to change the federal classification that puts marijuana in the same category as heroin.

The DEA said marijuana remains at such a high category because there is not enough scientific evidence to show it can be considered a medicine.

Greg Rogan, owner of the Medicine Shoppe on South Euclid said, "If someone is sick from medication and they use a little marijuana and sickness goes away, it doesn't take a scientific study to know that that works."

Rogan said until there's a change to the classification, more research can't be done; something he said is a big problem. He said, "As a pharmacy we really need that information available to us. We have customers using marijuana and we need to know, like any other drug, what interactions there are, how it's going to affect them, in order to council our patients that are using marijuana."

But there are some concerns it will send the wrong message.

Steve Nash is the Executive Director of the Pima County Medical Society. He said, "Basically you're telling everyone in America, now this does have some use and some value and they immediately associate that it's safe. That's not true at all. It really does require those studies."

But the studies and research could be a long way off considering the DEA said a category change isn't likely to happen any time soon.


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