Jan 18, 2012 6:53 AM

Feeding the hungry with "Empty Bowls"

TUCSON - Food banks across Tucson are struggling to get enough food to feed the hungry. That's why one local art studio is doing what it can to help one of the newer organizations, Interfaith Community Services Food Bank. They're doing it without donating any food or money.

Pima County Parks and Recreation is holding classes where people can use their hands to give back. They'll be providing the clay bowls for an upcoming fundraiser.

"We fill up this room with people and we fill up all the wheels with people and they just sit here and throw and throw and throw and build and build and build," says Jada Ahern, instructor.

It's a lot of work and the goal is 500 bowls by March.

"We work with each other. Somebody may make the bowl and somebody will trim the bowl, other people will glaze the bowl. It's just a great event and great people are doing it because they just want to help the community."

At the fundraiser, "Empty Bowls," people will buy a handmade pot to raise money for the food bank. Chefs from around town will provide food for everyone to taste.

"They get to try the different soups and use the bowl and I guess the point of it is to teach people how it is to be in a soup kitchen and how it is to have to eat from a bowl like homeless people do in soup kitchens."

After the event is over, you get to take home your very own, glazed clay pot. It's a one-of-a-kind work of art.

"We're getting so far away from that with manufactured items and I think it's so great for people to see that there are wonderful things you can use that are made locally homemade, here in town that came from someplace close by."

Bowls will be $15 at the event in March.
If you'd like to attend or help make the pots, go to



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