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Sep 3, 2012 7:23 PM by Lupita Murillo

Federally-licensed weapons dealer busted on drug charges

TUCSON - A midtown neighborhood is stunned to hear one of their neighbors was busted for having drugs and weapons.

On Thursday, Tucson Police SWAT officers searched the home of 50-year-old Douglas Atwood in the 4800 block of East 23rd Street. Police arrested Atwood and 36 year old Deborah Spencer.

Tucson Police say they were investigating the home as a possible drop house when they found several different drugs inside. They also found a number of firearms.

The couple's two children who were home at the time are now in Child Protective Services.

Some of the neighbors say they were shocked to hear about the news, and also to hear the 50-year-old Atwood is a federally- licensed weapons dealer. That could explain why he had 96 firearms inside the house, consisting of assault rifles, shotguns, and handguns. Thousands of rounds of ammunition were also located.

None of the neighbors wanted to go on camera or give their names, but they did tell News 4, "He's actually a genuine nice guy." However, they admit it's frightening to know guns and drugs were in the neighborhood.

Sources tell News 4 ATF is working with Tucson Police and investigating whether there's been any violations since he is a licensed dealer.

Other neighbors say, it's about time he was busted. They say he's lived there over 20 years and they've had issues.
News 4 attempted to get Atwood's side of the story when we were told to "Have a nice day".
Douglas Ray Atwood and Deborah Spencer were released from the Pima County jail on Sunday.


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