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Aug 27, 2012 9:03 PM

Father surprises sons at school after being deployed for 8 months

TUCSON - It had been eight months since two young Tucson brothers have seen their father since he had been deployed in Afghanistan, but Monday the boys got to celebrate his homecoming.

TSgt. Allen Spoon gave his little boys quite the surprise.

During the school's usual end of school day recognition ceremony, the Spoon boys were selected as outstanding performers of the school, and as six-year-old Jacob and five-year-old James were being honored, their dad came from behind and swooped them up in a big hug.

They hadn't seen each other in eight months, and the boys couldn't contain their excitement when they saw their daddy.

"Yesterday, dad was protecting our country and now he's home now," said Jacob.

His brother was holding on tight to his dad.

"I really missed daddy for a thousand days," said James.

The boys said they feel like a whole family now and can't wait to spend more time with their dad.

The family will be heading to Disneyland in a few weeks to celebrate TSgt. Allen Spoon's arrival.


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