Apr 13, 2012 6:53 PM

Fast Lerner - News 4 Tucson's Danielle takes flight with the Thunderbirds

TUCSON - News 4 Tucson's Danielle Lerner had the rare privilege of flying with the U.S. Air Force's Thunderbirds today - the F-16 squadron is in Tucson to perform at Davis Monthan's "Thunder and Lightning Over Arizona" Open House tomorrow.

Click here for a gallery loaded with photos and videos from Danielle's flight

They're known as America's "Ambassadors in Blue" - they are an elite team of F-16 pilots, representing hundreds of thousands of U.S. airmen.

Flying these jets takes an incredible amount of skill and stamina, something Danielle learned firsthand.
After about three hours of safety briefings, and a flight preview with her pilot, Captain Michael Fisher, it was time for Danielle to embark on the ride of her life.

"For the next 45 minutes we did a variety of maneuvers show-goers will see this weekend," Danielle says, "from a clover loop, to barrel rolls."

"I even put my muscle-tightening and breathing skills to the test when we hit 9 G's!" she said. "I'll admit, there were a few moments that didn't quite agree with me, but not even motion sickness could stop me from taking full advantage of our flight."

Her incredible flight gave her the chance to see Southern Arizona from a whole new view, and it served as a reminder of the skill and sacrifice it takes to serve our country.

We've uploaded dozens of photos and video from her flight, click here to view the gallery.

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