Nov 12, 2013 9:02 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Family to sue east side apartment complex for roach problem

TUCSON - An east side apartment complex is the target of harsh criticism and a lawsuit over a roach problem.

Sedona Springs Apartments is formerly known as Mountain Vista and is located near Wilmot and Speedway. The apartment complex has previously come under fire for turning off its air conditioning during the hottest days of the summer.

Kimberly and Ted Wilson along with their 19-month old daughter Makayla moved out of the apartment complex Tuesday, fed up with the state of living.

Newlyweds - they've only lived at Sedona Springs for the past two months but the problem of cockroaches has infested every nook and cranny of their lives.

"We ended up having the pest control guy that could come through...he was really nice... always apologizing saying that this was an ongoing problem," Ted Wilson told News 4 Tucson.

The young family snapped photos the pests and complained to the management several times. They want out of their year-long lease and have filed a case in small claims court.

"We are just looking to have an environment with our 19 month old that's safe," Kimberly said as she packed up to move out.

The Wilsons say that Gaines Investment Trust - the corporate owners of the property - failed to follow state law that requires it to maintain a ‘fit premises.'

In a letter to the Wilsons, the property owners said that they will hold the family to the legal bindings of the lease and the penalties that go with breaking it.

"We have diligently responded to and addressed the situation," the letter said.

Kimberly Wilson said that claim isn't quite true.

"Yes they have been trying to fix it but it's not working. I think the cockroach issue has gotten so massive that the spraying is just not effective," Kimberly said.

Neighbors living in Sedona Springs say it's not an isolated issue, as roaches have been a problem throughout the entire complex.

What's worse, for Makayla, the fumes of the constant spraying by pest control has become unbearable.

"Having your daughter everyday ... she's sneezing... she's coughing... and you don't want to keep her in the house. That's a real problem," Ted Wilson said.

In the end, the Wilsons said that they would rather pay the penalty for breaking the lease than having to live in those conditions one more day. However, they also believe the property owners should take more responsibility for what has happened at the complex.


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