Aug 5, 2012 1:01 AM

Family mourns Genna Ayup on son's birthday

TUCSON - It's a bittersweet day for the family of a Tucson woman shot and killed June 26th.

Genna Ayup's son turned three years old Saturday.

While the family gathered for his birthday in the park, they're searching for answers on the police investigation.

"Very bittersweet day. We woke up this morning thinking about what today was and what a happy day it was three years ago, and what a sad day it is today for all of us," Genna's mom Toni Solheid said.

Celebration isn't the right word for this birthday party says Solheid. She's grieving the death of her daughter, while trying to hold it together for her grandson.

"You know being his birthday, three years old with no mother it's really hard. It's really hard and still we don't have answers," Solheid said.

Glenna's boyfriend, Ronald Corbin Jr. is accused of killing her. He's out of jail, the court deemed him a low flight risk.

Their son misses his mom.

"And he talks about her every single day and loves her. He looks at her picture and he kisses her every single day. He kisses her and says mommy I'll never forget you. It's really hard, it's hard for everybody," Solheid said.

Corbin is due in court later this month.


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