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Aug 29, 2013 10:37 PM by Lupita Murillo

Family members react to upcoming execution of Robert Jones

TUCSON - An execution date has been set for Robert Jones. He was convicted of killing six people in 1996. He's scheduled to die by lethal injection on October 23.

It was a crime that shocked the community. Jones, and Scott Nordstrom were both convicted of the mass killing. The murders took place at Moon Smoke Shop on May 30th, and at the Firefighters Union Hall on June 13.

One of the victims was Lynn Noel . She was bartending at the Firefighters Union Hall when she was murdered. She wasn't scheduled to work that night, and went in at the last minute to help another bartender.

Carley Noel-Anderson, Lynn's daughter, tells News 4, Robert Jones has been in prison long enough "Get it over and done with."

Noel-Anderson and her brother "‘Koz'" have never gotten over the loss. "I think about her every day. Maybe this will help to get some closure."

She adds, " I just want it to end. I'm tired of having to pay for him (Robert Jones) to sleep well, and eat three squares, when I don't even know if I'm going to have that for my child sometimes."

It's her son, that keeps her grounded, and has helped her through some of the darkest moments of her life. "I look into my son's face and know that because of her I'm here, and because of her he's here, so it's what keeps me going every day."

Noel-Anderson has a message for Robert Jones, "Why don't you just apologize before you actually die yourself. Just say sorry, maybe that will help you in your own mind. I know it would help me."

An apology might also help the other family members of the six people who were murdered in 1996.

Noel-Anderson knows nothing will bring her mother back, but knowing justice was done she can now move forward.


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