Oct 25, 2013 9:11 PM by Erika Flores

Family in desperate healthcare insurance situation

TUCSON - A family is in a desperate situation. Their loved one is in need of heart valve surgery, but he hasn't been able to get the procedure because he doesn't have insurance to cover it.

He keeps getting denies by AHCCCS because the state put a freeze on new enrollment for childless adults beginning July 2011.

You can imagine how frustrated the family feels seeing their loved one get sicker as he waits to get insurance coverage.

"There's a high chance that the doctors say that I'm going to lose my son this weekend," said Dave Chabot.

Chabot said his son Bryan has been sick for about a year and in August got an infection that spread.

"He came in on Monday in critical condition with heart failure, liver failure. His body is shutting down," said Chabot.

Chabot has applied several times for AHCCCS coverage.

"This guy is in serious condition. He should be accepted right away without burying me in paperwork where I need to be by his bedside," said Chabot.

But he was told his son wouldn't get coverage this year.

"Unfortunately, people who have needs before January, there isn't any AHCCCS coverage available to you if you fall under that childless adult category," said Monica Coury, assistant director with AHCCCS.

In 2011--the state put a freeze on new enrollment in the AHCCCS care program for childless adults.

A new state law will restore that coverage in January.

Bryan has a son, but he does not have full custody of him.

AHCCCS told News 4 Tucson they follow strict rules requiring the child be living with the parent to fall under a different category.

Meanwhile the Chabot family is worried they'll lost their loved one while they wait for coverage.

"It's horrible. We've already lost a family member several years ago and we're getting ready to lose another one," said Uncle Daniel Chabot.

The Pima Community Access Program said this family is not alone. They help families in this type of situation. We have told the organization about this family and will follow up to see how things go.

This particular case is considered "traditional charity care."

It's a hospitals responsibility to care for a patient in need no matter the circumstances or financial restraints.

Carondelet St. Joseph's hospital is caring for Chabot.

They have provided more than $8 million in charity care in the past year.


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