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Nov 21, 2012 5:37 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Families unhappy about possible school closures

TUCSON - Tucson's largest school district identified eight schools Tuesday night for possible closure.

Cara Rene, the district spokeswoman, said closing the proposed eight schools would save the district approximately $3.6 million. The potential closures are the result of a $17 million deficit.

The schools initiated for closure are: Carson Middle School, Corbett Elementary School, Fort Lowell/Townsend K-8, Hohokam Middle School, Howenstine High School, Lyons Elementary School, Schumaker Elementary School and Sewell Elementary School.

Janan Parkison's grandson is a 4th grader at Corbett Elementary School, "I can't see closing schools. How are we going to educate our kids? We keep closing schools and cramming them in. You're treating them like cattle and not children."

And Margarita Arellanes, a mother with two children attending the school says the closure will impact more than just the students and their families, "all these teachers are going to be out of jobs, not just the teachers, administration, the janitorial staff, the kitchen ladies. We've become such a big community here."

Corbett Elementary School survived a round of TUSD closures in 2008.

According to Rene, "this action moves the eight schools nearer to closure, but is not a final decision on closure."

Two public hearings are scheduled for December 8 and 10 so the community may address the school board about the possible closures.

Also at Tuesday's meeting motions to initiate closure on six other schools were scheduled for the board's next meeting on November 27. The schools are: Cragin Elementary School, Brichta Elementary School, Menlo Park Elementary School, Hollinger Elementary School, Manzo Elementary School, and Pueblo Gardens K-8.


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