Jun 27, 2013 9:07 PM by Erika Flores

Exposed pipeline concerns businesses

NOGALES - The monsoon brings rushing water that can do a lot of damage especially to any exposed pipes.

A sewage pipeline has been a major source of concern in the city of Nogales, and business owners are hoping a project to repair it can be completed before heavy rains hit.

The concern is that storm waters could break the exposed sewage pipe and 13 million gallons of sewage could start pouring out.

Ana Kory has owned Alexander's for ten years.

The store is in front of the wash.

"Sometimes it gets really smelly," said Kory.

She said she's seen sewage run through the wash plenty of times.

"It's really bad when you see it I wouldn't get close to it at all," said Kory.

The sewage line comes from Nogales, Sonora carrying up to 13 million gallons of sewage through the town of Nogales, Arizona to a waste water treatment plant in Rio Rico.

A history of pipe breaks and spills in Nogales, Sonora have caused sewage to pour into the Arizona side.

"And if you have a store as close as this one, it's really discouraging for us," said Kory.

A section of the pipeline is now in trouble here in Nogales, Arizona.

Erosion has exposed it, and it needs to be fixed before storm water hits.

"If not, we would all be affected by the smell and the sewage pouring out, so I really hope the authorities fix it quick," said Ana Sylva with Mexican Food El Ramffles.

El Ramffles is just across the street from the exposed pipe.

"The sewage could flow all the way over here," she said.

The city of Nogales estimates it will cost around 300 thousand dollars to repair the banks of the wash to protect the pipe from monsoon waters.

It has agreed to contribute $50,000 partnering with the International Boundary and Water Commission for the rest.

The city said work on this project should begin any day now.


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