Nov 12, 2013 8:25 PM by Lupita Murillo

Explosive device found near bus stop

TUCSON - The Tucson Police Bomb squad is in the process of trying to identify an explosive device found on the city's west side Tuesday morning. According to police, a man found the device by a bus stop off of Silverlake Road near I-10. He went to The Silverbell Inn Motel to call 911.

Ramesh Shah is the motel clerk, he tells News 4 Tucson, the man brought the package to the motel, it was wrapped in a towel. "Inside the towel were some balls. He told me he thought it was a bomb and for me to call police." Shah called police and he says they arrived quickly, and evacuated the motel. Tucson Police also shut down Silverlake Road.

The Bomb squad arrived and sent in their robot. After several hours, Tucson police Sgt. Chris Widmer says, "It's about the size of tennis balls and it appears explosives in nature we've examined it what we can tell its explosive in nature."

The explosive device was taken to another location where Tucson Police will continue their investigation. They say they have no suspects, and if anyone has information to contact 911 or 88-Crime.

The motel reopened, and all 16 guests are back in their rooms.


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