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Dec 10, 2009 8:21 PM

Explosions and tremors felt around Tucson

Several people around the Tucson area have reported loud explosion noises and tremors at around pm Wednesday evening to the News 4 newsroom.

News 4 contacted Davis Monthan Air Force Base to determine whether the cause could have been planes from the base flying in or near Tucson airspace.

A representative from DM said the jets were not theirs and that they were coming from Luke AFB, west of Phoenix.

Lt. Ryan DeCamp at Luke AFB said that they do fly F-16s in shared airspace west of Tucson, but could not confirm or deny that they were the cause of the disturbances.

"We're adamantly looking into all the information," DeCamp said, adding that this matter is still under investigation.

News 4 will post updates to this developing situation as more information becomes available.


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