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Jul 13, 2012 7:06 PM

'Excellent' week for Kitchen Cops

TUCSON - This week, restaurants throughout the city of Tucson made the Pima County Health Department's job a little easier. No eatery that was inspected was given a "needs to improve" rating and a vast majority received "excellent" ratings. One restaurant, however, did need to make some critical adjustments to get an inspector's approval.

Nico's Mexican Food, at 4231 W. Ina Road, received 3 critical violations. Cheese was found stored uncovered in a refrigerator and raw eggs were too close to ready to eat food. A condensation line was discovered to be dripping onto covered bus tubs and into uncovered cheese. "Use by" dates were also not properly displayed on a number of food items. All violations were corrected during the inspection earning Nico's Mexican Food a "Good" rating.

Last week, News 4 Tucson profiled Mei Hon Tsing Tao Restaurant, at 1030 E. Irvington Road, and revealed the eatery received a provisional rating after receiving 8 critical violations. The Pima County Health Department returned this week and reported that the restaurant passed its re-inspection. The inspector noted that a make-top cooling unit had been replaced and that a lot of cleaning had been done since the original inspection. The inspector went as far as to write "good job" on the re-inspection report.

Restaurants receiving excellent ratings this week include, The Kon Tiki Restaurant at 4625 E. Broadway, Mina's Thai Restaurant, at 5575 E. River and Sweet Tomatoes, at 6202 E. Broadway.


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