Nov 17, 2012 7:13 PM by Erika Flores

El Tour de Tucson cyclists share their reasons for racing

TUCSON-Each cyclist at El Tour de Tucson had a different reason for competing in the race.

Some focused on charity while others came from all over the world just to compete.

Around nine thousand cyclists filled the streets of Tucson for the race.

Iran Andrade raised money for Ride for a Child -Tu Nidito which helps grieving and terminally ill children.

"It's important because every child deserved a future whether it be to help them get better with their medical illness or let them grieve over their loss," said Andrade.

His friends were cheering right beside him.

Once things got rolling, the cyclists were off going in different paths but finally ending in victory.

"I felt like a winner. It looked like I was going to win on the second to last arc of balloons but it just didn't go as planned," said Rafael Escarcega.

Escarcega travelled from Mexico just for the race and won second place in the 111 mile race.

For Jody Lewis, completing the race was an emotional family affair.

"I didn't know if they were going to be able to make it or not. But it's been a lot of training and a long time so I'm happy to make it," said Lewis.

For Lou Wagaman, the ride was a little disappointing.

"I thought I won when I crossed the finish line only to find out that there was a group of five that got up ahead of me, so I spent the whole day thinking I was in the lead group, and I wasn't," said Wagaman.

But win or lose, these cyclists said they enjoyed the ride.


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