Mar 6, 2014 10:52 AM by Associated Press

El Nino Watch issued for Summer 2014

WASHINGTON - Federal forecasters predict a potential warming of the eastern Pacific Ocean this year that will change weather worldwide. And while that's good news for most of a weather-weary United States, it may be bad news for southern Arizona.

The warming, called El Nino, may lead to fewer Atlantic hurricanes, more rain next Winter for drought-stricken California and southern states, and perhaps a milder Winter for the nation's frigid northern tier next year.

For southern Arizona, a developing El Nino this Summer may mean a drier than normal Monsoon.

Elsewhere in the world, it can mean an even hotter year coming up, with billions of dollars in losses for food crops.

The National Oceanic Atmospheric and Administration Thursday issued an official El Nino watch. NOAA Climate Prediction Center director Mike Halpert said the warming may be in place this Summer.


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