Apr 22, 2011 6:39 PM

Earth Day celebrations at Biosphere 2 tomorrow

TUCSON - Tomorrow, Biosphere 2 is holding a day-long celebration for "Biosphere 1" - Planet Earth.

According to a release from the research center north of Tucson, The University of Arizona Biosphere 2's 3rd Annual Earth Day celebration will feature science and art activities, live music throughout the facility, a showcase of new exhibits, the newest hands-on exhibit "Omni Globe" and a live feed form the Mount Lemmon Sky Center telescopes for sky-gazing.

The Omni Globe is the newest state-of-the-art hands-on science exhibit at Biosphere 2 - tomorrow a celebratory ribbon-cutting ceremony will open the exhibit.

Thematic tours for each "Biome" or section in the Biosphere will show the role of each environment in supporting human life and sustainability. Some of the new exhibits feature solar energy, green roofs and an section on the Earth's oceans.

"With your help and participation we will educate more people about the important of sustainability and what they can do as citizen scientists and be part of the solution as we move forward in addressing the health of our plant," states a representative for Biosphere 2.

Children under 12 will be admitted for free.

For more information on Biosphere 2, visit:



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