Jul 11, 2012 11:49 PM

DPS K9 listed in stable condition

TUCSON - A Department of Public Safety K9 left in a patrol cruiser, in extreme heat is hospitalized.

As of 8:30pm Wednesday night, the six year old Belgian Malinois is in stable condition.

The dog was left in his partner's patrol car for more than an hour.

It happened Wednesday afternoon, at DPS headquarters on South Tucson Blvd, near Valencia. He was found at noon.

Officials say an officer switched into another vehicle, and later realized the dog was left in the unit.

Tucson Fire tried to cool the dog down with ice and water, and took him to a vet.

A DPS spokesperson describes how upsetting this is for the department.

"DPS is greatly saddened at the tragic events of today. Our K9's are officers just like we are. When one of them gets hurt it's just like one of our officers getting hurt. They are one of our officers," said Dave Hopkins a DPS spokesperson.

Officials are not releasing the name or photo of the officer and K9 at this time. They've been partnered for 3 years.

Tucson Police are investigating whether criminal charges will be filed against the dog's handler.


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