Nov 26, 2012 4:14 PM by Victor L. Villa

Donate your unwanted vehicle to a PCC student in need

TUCSON - Unwanted vehicles can be donated to The Pima Community College Foundation; the vehicles donated will go towards raising scholarship money, and will also go directly to students to help them get to class.

Melissa Johnson is a 38-year-old single mother of two who is, according to a news release, going to Pima Community College on a $500 Frances Frye Memorial Scholarship. Melissa's donated car allows her to get to school, work, and take her daughter to places like the doctor's office.

"This vehicle has been a true blessing," Johnson said, according to the news release.

The Foundation awarded $475,000 in scholarships last fall and has planned to renew most next Spring.
According to the IRS, if a donated car is sold, the donor can claim a tax deduction equal to the amount of the sale, or if the car is awarded to a student, the donor may estimate the vehicle's value for a deduction. In all cases, donors should consult tax professionals.

To learn more about making donations to the Foundation, call (520) 206-4646, email foundation@pima.edu, or go here (http://www.pima.edu/give-to-pima/ways-to-give/index.html).


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