Feb 21, 2011 10:22 AM

Does "facial yoga" work?

TUCSON - Facial yoga may not be something you've heard about before, but it exists! And some have even written books on the topic.

So can it really work?

Dr. Jody Comstock, a Tucson dermatologist, says probably not. She says over activating your face muscles is actually what causes wrinkles in the first place.

"What we really see over time, is the more muscles we move, the deeper wrinkles we get," she said.

Local plastic surgeon, Dr. Gwen Maxwell agrees.

She says our face muscles are made of different muscles than our body, so facial exercising probably won't yield the same results.

"I can lift resistance weights and train my muscles to be stronger, but in the face, all you're going to be doing is moving the skin," she said.

However, some people believe it may have some benefits.

Joseph Lauricella, co-owner and yoga instructor at Arizona Power Yoga, says while he doesn't teach classes solely dedicated to facial yoga, he believes the detoxifying and blood circulation properties of yoga could help.

"By contracting muscle and then relaxing muscle, you're certainly opening up the channels for blood and oxygen to revive the tissues," he said.

He even encourages his classes to do facial movements such as "the lion" or inversion exercises to help get things moving.

"Anytime that we can take some of the body above the heart it creates almost a backwash. The legs are above the heart creating a little more pressure into the face and the neck and the shoulders."


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