Nov 2, 2012 7:48 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Details of Ivie investigation released

BISBEE - The Cochise County Sheriff's Department released a 39 page report Friday with details in the Ivie investigation. Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie was killed October 2 in a remote desert area northeast of Naco where he was stationed. The 30-year-old was killed by what has been described as friendly fire.

In the report a deputy recalls specifically asking dispatchers if the shooting was an accidental discharge or if the agents took fire. The report says preliminary indications are that the agents were attacked by unknown assailants.

The area is described by agents as Remax, near a trail called Grayface. One deputy described it as a "large bowl in the mountain." Mexican currency is found in the area, as are shoe prints not consistent with those of responders. A deputy also notes an area with fresh smuggling trash such as food wrappers, water and indentations of marijuana bundles.

Authorities initially believed undocumented aliens may have been involved, the Cochise County Sheriff Department deployed its Narcotics Enforcement Team known as NET but no suspects were ever found.

The report says Agent Nicholas Ivie and two other agents, a male and female, responded to an activated sensor, however each drove to area in their own vehicles.

A deputy sat in the on female agent's interview with investigators. She told them she had been with the agency since November 2010 and had never worked in the area where the shooting occurred. The agent told investigators she never saw Ivie but had radio communication with him. She said she and a male agent approached the area from the south and Ivie approached from the north. She told investigators he signaled them with a flashlight.

The agent told investigators she heard yelling, observed muzzle flashes and heard rapid gunfire. She drew her weapon, took cover, but could not recall if she fired her weapon but admits conducting a magazine exchange. The agent described seeing a flash from a gun and seeing a reflection of a handgun. She also told investigators at the time of the shooting she thought she saw three to four people and though she heard whispering but could not say if it was in English or Spanish. After the shots were fired she said she tried to remain calm and hid.

The report says there was a trail of blood. It also mentions the autopsy but much of it is redacted leaving out any details. However, one deputy noted Ivie had blood coming out of his ears, nose and mouth. He wrote there were no other injuries. Another deputy wrote "approximately six spent rifle casings (believed to be of the spent casings were clustered approximately five feet to the east of the under belt." There were other casings but it's unclear in the report where they were located.

According to one deputy, Ivie's magazine was seated and the slide was forward, indicating his weapon was loaded and ready to fire.

The names of the two agents involved in the shooting are left out of the report. The FBI nor the Border Patrol would comment on the report saying the investigation remains ongoing.


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