Dec 22, 2013 10:07 AM by Associated Press

Democrats work to raise number of female governors

NEW YORK (AP) - The Democratic Party claims to be the natural home for women.

But the faces of the nation's governors tell another story.

There are four female Republican governors, but only one Democratic governor is a woman.

It's an advantage that gives Republicans a powerful tool in the fight to attract female voters.

Democratic leaders, backed by national women's groups, are working to shift the imbalance in gubernatorial elections next fall that feature no less than six high-profile Democratic women.

These include races in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Texas.

The Democrats' only current female governor, Maggie Hassan, faces re-election in New Hampshire.

Gender is not a central issue in these contests. But in some cases, they're up against male incumbents who have pursued social conservative priorities that elevated women's issues.


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