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Nov 4, 2009 4:42 AM

Democrats call defeat on Prop 200

At this hour, Democrats are calling a defeat on the highly controversial Proposition 200: Public Safety First. Through this election, the Democrats have wanted this proposition to go down.

"We are excited we were able to defeat the largest unfunded mandate in Tucson history," says Brandon Patrick, head on No Prop 200 - Don't Handcuff Tucson. "It's a good precedent for Tucson. We're not going to accept an ill-thought out mandate that's putting forward without telling us how our money is supposed to pay for it."

Here are the latest results into the News 4 newsroom on Prop 200.

No - 70.23%

Yes - 29.77%

If Prop 200 had passed, it would have set a minimum staffing level of 2.4 police officers per 1,000 city residents. It would also require a staff increase in the fire department to meet minimum response times.


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