Apr 17, 2014 1:33 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Delivery driver saves a life

TUCSON - Dena Petrequin believes a delivery driver probably saved her husband's life during a fire.

Wednesday afternoon, a milk barn at Jean and Dena Petrequin's Dream Catcher Farm and Ranch caught fire.

"That's what takes care of my family," she said. "That's what they eat from. We don't buy anything store-bought if we can avoid it."

The family bought 5 acres west of Sahuarita about 7 years ago. Dena Petrequin said it was "mined out garbage land." Now they sell some of their products at farmers markets.

"If you use every little piece of what the Good Lord gives you, you can grow on it," she said. "And you can use it to help others."

The fire destroyed thousands of dollars worth of equipment. About 150 chickens and the family's turkey, Bob, also died.

"He was part of our family so losing him was pretty big," Dena Petrequin said. "We love Bob. Rest in peace, my Bob. But my husband means a whole lot more to me."

Jean Petrequin tried to rescue Bob while the barn was on fire. A UPS driver apparently saw the smoke and drove to the home. UPS identified him as Tim Garcia.

"The idea that he didn't run away, but ran toward the fire to come help the people that he knows, that's incredible," Dena Petrequin said.

Garcia had to push Jean Petrequin to keep him away from the flames.

"I don't know that I could have handled [Jean]," Dena Petrequin said. "I think that when he saw this nice, big, burly guy coming at him, he realized that there was no fight left."


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