Nov 28, 2012 7:42 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Defense product to save lives

TUCSON - Bourque Industries, a Tucson business, is ready to put a new product on the market and its one the creator says will save lives.

The multi plate vests can be used in law enforcement and the military, "So what we did, I reengineered and designed the way the curvatures are to where when it's put on the body it has a more snug fit," John Borque explained. The multi curve plate underwent a live round ammunition demonstration Wednesday at the Southeast Regional Park Shooting Range.

Most vests are made of ceramic but this one is made of kryron, a type of metal. Bourque said the vests absorbs and controls the energy from a bullet.

John Gray is a retired law enforcement officer from New Jersey who flew to Tucson for the demonstration, "hearing about the new innovations of Bourque we realize this material is something more and it takes away that false perception of protection that actually gives us protection we need to do our job safely on the street."

Bourque Industries has opened a second facility in Tucson and if contracts for the multi-curve vest are approved hundreds of jobs will be created, "so we've got this down to a sticking glue type situation where we can take and mass produce the products and it's taken us a long time to get to that point."

But for John Bourque it's about more than business, "this product will save lives."


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