Nov 20, 2012 7:00 PM by Danielle Lerner

Deadline to remove campaign signs fast approaching

TUCSON - The election may have happened two weeks ago, but signs of it are still up all over town.

Those campaign signs need to be taken down by the end of Wednesday, November 22, otherwise city code enforcement will have to do the job. It's a feat that costs residents, and the city, time and money.

Since Thursday is a holiday the city will start removing any leftover signs on Friday. Specifically, signs in what is referred to as the "right of way." That is the public space between private property and the street curb. By law, the campaigns have 15 days after the election to take the signs down. If they do not, the city will remove and store the remaining signs in an impound lot for 30 days.

People can contact code enforcement to get the signs back. Right now there are no fines or fees associated with that, but it is definitely not free. The city uses taxpayer dollars to cover the lot's rent and security costs, plus it pulls employees off other projects.

"If they're out removing signs they're not doing code enforcement," said Teresa Williams, the code enforcement administrator, "responding to other types of property maintenance complaints."

The city cannot keep track of every sign in Tucson, so if you see one that needs to be taken down, call 791-5843.


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