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Apr 29, 2012 7:22 PM

Day 9 of Isabel Celis search: volunteer efforts take to church

TUCSON - Once again the volunteer command post for missing girl Isabel Celis was ready to go early Sunday morning.

Sunday's focus for volunteers was going to church and posting flyers there.

After raising more than $2,200 this weekend in fundraisers, volunteers decided to focus on prayer and to bringing little Isa home safe.

Christian Faith Fellowship is right across the street from Isabel's neighborhood. The parking lot was filled with cars with Isabel's flyers posted on their windshields.

That is where we found an emotional Mike Ronquillo. "It touches my heart as well as a lot of people that a 6-year-old is missing out there," said Ronquillo.

He said he has a granddaughter that age and puts himself in the Celis family's shoes. "I don't know what to do. I pass by the house. I pray. I look in certain areas. I look at all kids faces to try to recognize. I feel so so insignificant. What can I do to help out with this search," said Ronquillo.

He said all he can do is pray and post these flyers. "We're consistently in prayer that she find her way home," said Hank Embleton who attended mass at the Christian church.

Embleton said he feels for the Celis family. "It's like right in our neighborhood here and it's tough," said Embleton.

At Craycroft Baptist Church also down the street from Isabel's neighborhood, the congregation said they're shook up by the whole situation.

"I can't imagine my daughter missing," said Victor Marcantonio.

Those we spoke to that belong to the congregation said they just can't believe it's been more than a week, so they hold hands and hope for the best.

"Praying that wherever she's at, she will be in God's hands," said Jeff Barns.

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