Aug 7, 2014 7:51 PM by Lauren Reimer

Danny's Kidney: the search for the perfect match

TUCSON - A young southern Arizona man is looking for the perfect match, not a love interest, rather, a kidney donor.

From the time he was born, Daniel Fish has struggled with his kidneys. He spent more than seven years on a waiting list. Now 26 years old, only a live donation can bring him back to full health.

"All my family has tried, and none of them matched," said Fish.

For the last eight years, he's had to go for dialysis three times a week, up to four hours each time. "Emotionally it does take its toll on you, mentally," he said.

And while he looks healthy from the outside, this cattle ranchers son has been spending more and more time in the hospital.

"This year alone I've face three accounts of blood poisoning," said Fish.

To take his mind off it, Fish has enrolled in classes at Pima Community College. He wants to be a welder.

"I enjoy doing it, just tinkering. When stuff breaks, I like to fix it."

He also wants to be able to travel, and pick back up of his favorite hobbies. But he can't without a working kidney.

"I can't do the hunting and going outdoors, the ranching. I can't do it to it to the fullest."

He knows someone, somewhere, is a perfect match. He just has to find them and it needs to happen soon.

"If I could find a live donor, it would be the most awesome thing in the world, the gratitude, words just can't describe that."

Fish's brother has even set up a Facebook page to help potential doors connect with his doctors.


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