Mar 21, 2013 9:24 PM by Erika Flores

Cyclists concerned about saftey at Streetcar spots

TUCSON - Many parts of the Streetcar have been completed, but cyclists said some areas are dangerous and they're asking the city to rebuild those areas.

They said one of the most dangerous spots is near the U of A at the corner of Park Avenue and 2nd street.

It's one danger zone some cyclists are asking the city to repair.

They're afraid their bikes' tires could get caught in the groove of tracks causing them to come crashing down in traffic.

"This is a very narrow gap to get into," said David Bachman-Williams, the Bicycle Advisory committee's Downtown
University sub-committee chair. "It's only 2 foot 11 inches (from the curb to the streetcar track)."

There's a constant flow of U of A students and staff cycling in this area.

"It's very easy to drop a wheel in this track and as soon as you drop a front wheel in this track, your bicycle is going to go over because you can't steer," said Bachman-Williams.

The Tucson-Pima County Bicycle Advisory Committee is fighting to make sure accidents don't happen.

"With these skinny tires, it's definitely a danger," said cyclist Sidney Guthrie.

The committee has taken their concern to the city.

"This could be easily remedied by moving this curb back 2 feet," said Bachman-Williams.

Bachman-Williams said he's noticed at least five spots along the streetcar tracks that could be a danger for cyclists.

The Tucson Department of Transportation tells News 4 Tucson:

"From the beginning of the Streetcar design process, the City of Tucson Department of Transportation has worked with bicycle and pedestrian groups. This coordination has led to design efforts to provide better accommodations for all modes of travel. The Streetcar project is continuing to work with these groups to address their issues. The Bicycle Advisory Committee has brought some concerns to the Streetcar project and the Streetcar project is evaluating those concerns and will make changes if possible. In areas of limited space, the Streetcar project will provide the necessary directional signage and striping. The Streetcar project appreciates this collaborative process which will result in a better streetcar system for all of us."

Guthrie said he thinks signage would help if the curb can't be removed.

"Definitely more warning," he said.

But Bachman-Williams said it should be moved.

"This is just unacceptable. This is the absolute worse spot," said Bachman-Williams.


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